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Narratives of Life Counselling

We are at full capacity and are not taking on any new clients.

Child Therapy

Caring, calm and entertaining sessions

Children should be laughing

Children (Ages 2 -12)

Younger people usually project their feelings through anger, bullying and tantrums.

My practice allows the child and teenager to unfold their stories through events, the sequence it is linked in across time. We also work according to a plot. In counselling young children, I engage in art therapy, play therapy and metaphorical interventions such as "The Tree of Life" and the "Three Houses". Art Therapy is also a great part of my work with a young child. A child externalises his/her feelings through their art.

"Narrative approaches to counselling invite clients to begin a journey of co-exploration in search of talents and abilities that are hidden or veiled by a life problem" (Monk, Winslade, Crocket, & Epston, 1997, pp. 3., Par. 3).


Behavioural Issues

Family Violence

Neglect and Isolation



Bed Wetting

Abuse (Emotional, Physical and Sexual)

Anxiety Test

Service Prices

$140  (Incl. GST) per hour

Engage in this course to find more tips helping you become a calm and happy family again.