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What Do Corporate Trainers Do?

Corporate trainer mentors, train, and help professionally develop other employees in their organization. A typical day for corporate trainers involves travelling to a location in which the training will take place (which may not be their office). 

Once on-site, they set up the training room with any required materials, take attendance, and deliver the training. Following the training, clean-up and documentation of attendance and performance may be required.

The work is typically done indoors in an office or hotel environment, although occasional team-building training may take place at corporate retreats or outdoor locations. While the schedule is generally the same as that for other employees in the organization, early or late hours for set-up and clean-up may be required. 

Corporate trainers work in a variety of industries, particularly in large organizations. They are particularly common in highly regulated industries, such as financial services and pharmaceuticals, where employees must be trained on legal and compliance topics. 

They are also common in organizations with a large number of sales or customer service staff.

Corporate trainers generally have college degrees in business, communications, psychology or education. A corporate trainer may collaborate with other trainers to deliver courses, but most of the trainer's interactions are with employees from across the company who are enrolled in the training. The trainer generally does not interact directly with company customers. 

They typically interact with a training leader or a human resources manager. 

Nicky provides employee assistance programmes tailored to your workplace, in discussion with you we report regularly on your workplace wellness.

The main components of our programmes include:

1. On-site Staff Support

2. Therapeutic Counselling

3. Critical Incident Support

4. Leadership Coaching

5. Professional Supervision

6. Education & Training for Anxiety in the Workplace

7. Loss & Grief

8. Restructuring

9. Certified DiSC Profile Analysis Practitioner

10. Group Facilitation

11. Mediation

Corporate Trainer Tasks

Develop, revise, and deliver training to employees via diverse channels like classrooms, the intranet and the web.

Organize rooms and materials for in-person training.

Track metrics regarding attendance, satisfaction, and use of training.

Identify and evaluate external sources of training materials and courses.

Confer with supervisors and employees to identify training needs and shape curricula.

Extended DISC Background

Carl Jung theorised that the mind behaves on two levels, the conscious and unconscious and what is commonly referred to as ‘the iceberg’.

The visible portion of the iceberg is the conscious mind, what is outwardly expressed or our conscious behaviour and it is where we think, feel, sense and use intuition.  

The portion below the surface is our unconscious mind, here is where we find thoughts, feelings and information not readily available to us.


Certified DiSC Profile Analysis Practitioner

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