Narratives of Life Counselling

Develops and enhances skills in leadership, service, and communications.

Delivers highly interactive training where participants learn by doing.

Partners with your management and human resources staff through the planning, training, and follow up processes.

Satisfies each and every participant.

Provides Manager Reviews after training so that team leaders can reinforce what was learned in the training and maintain momentum.

We are here for you and your staff

Below please find some more information on how we can support you and your staff through the lock-down period of COVID-19

Individuals looking to boost creativity

Our Body Language Course aims to assist you and your staff in reading the non-verbal signals from customers. 

Individuals who want to grow

We provide online courses for Professional Development. Please enquire within to request a list of online courses. 

Individuals looking to be challenged positively

We provide online sessions for businesses and individuals to assist them throu‚Äčgh the period of lock-down and isolation and the impact that has on the person. 

Individuals who need accountability to reach goals

We provide mediation for businesses and assist staff and managers reach solutions.

Some examples of training we provide:

Personal Development

Adult Learning - Mental Skills

Anger Management

Attention Management

Being A Likeable Boss

Emotional Intelligence

Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

Improving Mindfulness

Improving Self-Awareness

Increasing Your Happiness

Life Coaching Essentials

Managing Personal Finances

Managing Workplace Anxiety

Personal Productivity

Public Speaking

Social Intelligence

Social Learning

Stress Management

Taking Initiative

Work-Life Balance

Body Language Level 1 & 2 

Time Management