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Narratives of Life Counselling

We are at FULL Capacity and are not currently accepting new referrals.

Nicky Norval

Registered Workplace & Family Therapist

Associations & Affiliations:

Workplace Therapist- SME Market

Registered & Accredited ACC Sensitive Claims Therapist

MNZCCA, Reg. Member 3447






PG Cert Prof Supervision (Not taking supervisees)

Other Qualifications:


Cert. Stress Management

Cert. Behaviour Modification

DipChBehaviour (Int).,

Master NLP(Int).,

Child Action Member - Oranga Tamariki


Cert. ASIST Suicide Prevention,

Cert.Child & Adolescent Behaviour Modification.,

Prac.BARS Teenagers

Prac.Mindfulness Child & Teens

FiNX Ext. DiSC HR Prac

CBT Practitioner

Cert. Trauma and Behaviour

Registered Provider for:

Employment Assistance Programme

Benestar & 


ACC Sensitive Claims

Profile Analysis for DiSC - Career Development

Clearhead - Private & Unimed clients (Book Online through Clearhead)

What is Depression?

Feeling down when something upsetting or stressful happens, like a relationship break-up, or losing a job, is pretty normal, and usually, the feelings fade over time and you get on with life. But if it’s depression the feelings don’t go away, even when things improve.

The way you feel when you’re depressed is connected to:

your thoughts (whakaaro)

the way you behave

what happened to you in the past

what’s going on around you now

the way stress hormones affect your brain.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. –Napoleon Hill

What our clients are saying

Thanks Nic for helping our family get out of this challenging time - J

My wife and children are back! Thank you. Much appreciated - K